The dark days of Fall have set-in and the motivation for getting out and logging miles may be dwindling. We feel you. As runners, we all have our favorite routines and methods to keep our shoes laced up and moving. Here at Go Girl, we’ve gathered our five favorite ways to stay motivated this Fall.

Prepare: Whether you’re working out at the gym or grinding out some miles on the sidewalk, preparation is key. Integrate laying out your workout gear into your nightly routine. Making one less decision in the morning will help make getting out the door quicker, and allow you more time to focus on your run. If it’s dark out, remember to wear reflective gear and take a headlamp or small light with you.

Grab a Friend: When we know that someone else is counting on us, it is much easier to stay accountable for runs or workouts. Find a friend who is at a similar fitness level as you and use each other to set goals and stay moving during the colder mornings or evenings. The social element of meeting up with someone will also have added benefits too!

Use a Training Calendar:  There are few things more gratifying than drawing a big X over a completed workout. Develop your own training plan, or use one already created for you. Before starting the plan, make sure it will work with your schedule. Start with 1-2 days a week and build up to 3-4 as you work through getting used to a new routine. Having a calendar or something you can physically cross off will be a visual reminder of the progress you’ve made!  PS- We’re getting ready to release a Go Girl Run training plan which will connect you to the Go Girl Run community and help you cross that finish line!

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Mix it Up: With limited time to be outside in the light, use this time to find other ways to stay active. Cross-training is a crucial part of avoiding injury during training. Many gyms or fitness centers offer free trial classes. Don’t be afraid to find as many of those as possible- they want you to check out their classes! Plus, it will allow you to find a routine you like doing outside of running.

Treat Yo Self:

You know we love our swag over here at Go Girl Run. A favorite pair of running tights, a headband to keep your ears warm, or adorable socks help make getting out the door a little more fun. Treat yourself to one piece of gear that you know will make your training more practical for the cold and/or make you shine like the Go Girl you are!

What are the ways you stay motivated during the fall months? We’d love to hear them.