Go Girl Run Series is full of runners, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. Today we are graced with the ability to hear from Tera Halverson (@thalverson23) as she shares why training with her 11-year-old daughter has made the miles and seasons of life so much better. Check it out below and be sure to share your own experiences you may have running with your daughters!

5 Reasons to Train With Your Daughter

By: Tera Halverson (@thalverson23)

I am a mom to four amazing kids, 2 of which are daughters. My daughters are 3 and 11. I have been running with my oldest daughter for about two years now. When we started running together it was mainly small little fun runs. When I first heard about the Go Girl Run Series my daughter was so reluctant to even run a 5K. Little did she know that she would love it so much that a few months later, she would want to start training for her first half marathon.  I LOVE training with my daughter, and these are my top 5 reasons why:

5. Healthy Habits- I believe that if we start teaching our children healthy habits when they are young, these habits will stick with them throughout their lives. I do my best to lead by example and provide healthy meals and snacks for my kids, and I include my kids in my daily fitness activities as much as possible. I also believe that even if children don’t act like they are interested in that moment, they are always watching! It took me WEEKS of begging my daughter to go for a run with me. She would always say no…until the day it happened. SHE ASKED ME TO TAKE HER FOR A RUN!

4. Captivated Audience– Do you have an awkward or difficult topic that you need to discuss with your child? I know I did. My daughter was getting ready to discuss the ‘birds and the bee’s’ at school, and every single time I brought it up she would go running to her room and beg me to stop. I made the decision to bring it up to her about four miles into one of our eight-mile runs….and do you know what happened? She listened. She asked questions. She LISTENED! I think when we are running together, our walls come down and we are vulnerable together. This is such a great time for these conversations and has become our favorite time to really talk to each other. There are no interruptions and we both know that the other person isn’t going anywhere. We just listen.

3. Confidence- Let’s be real… kids are not always nice to each other and they can be especially cruel to each other about their bodies. My daughter is in middle school and I could see her slowly becoming more self-conscious of her body. This broke my heart! Us moms can see just how perfect our daughter’s bodies are, and it’s such a devastating moment when you hear your child start picking their body apart. Or if they are bullied about something on their body like my child was. Running has shown her how amazing her body is. She is so strong! We have been training for her first half marathon and her body positivity has flourished. She celebrates her body now. I love seeing how accomplished she feels each time we reach a new milestone. I love seeing her carry herself with her head held high.  Running has given her more confidence in herself than I ever imagined it would.

2. Goal Setting- We always tell our kids that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up…but we don’t always have them put goals in place to help them get there. I was so guilty of this! I started telling my kids my own goals for life and my fitness goals too; one is to finish a full marathon. This got the conversation started about goal setting. I was stunned when my daughter told me she wanted to set a goal to run a half marathon with me. Now goal setting is a mega part of our training (and life goals too). I have LOVED watching her set a goal and CRUSH it over and over! The day we cross that half marathon finish line together is going to be AMAZING!

1. Bonding- My daughter and I have grown so much closer, even though I didn’t think that was even possible. We have laughed and cried together during our runs. We have runs where we talk and joke the entire time, and we have runs where we are in complete silence for miles at a time. I just love what we share…TIME! Our kids are only young once. There will be a day when you must let them go and flourish on their own, and I never want to feel like we didn’t spend enough time together. All these miles have brought us so much closer…and so much time.

The bonus of training with your daughter is most definitely all the fun you will have together! So, grab your shoes, lace up…and RUN!

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