2,018 Mile Running Challenge

Lessons for any distance goal.

Go Girl Run is excited to have Naomi Murell compete in the premier all women’s half marathon and 5K series this April! Take a seat and gear up to read about the ambitious running goals of College Athlete, Naomi Murrell. Naomi will be tackling a big running challenge for the year 2018 and is incorporating Go Girl Run in her efforts! Although our own running goals may differ from Naomi, her reasons for running are sure to inspire! Be sure to watch for her at Go Girl Springfield on April 14th!

2, 018 Miles in 2018
By: Naomi Murrel

“You ran how far? You’re crazy!” Oh please. Like I haven’t heard that before. It’s true when you run long distance for the first time, even your body seems to tell you that “you’re crazy” as your heart rate begins to pick up and your lungs demand more oxygen. With that kind of pain, how could anyone possibly enjoy running?! People hate running so much that coaches everywhere use it as punishment. Now isn’t that interesting? What I consider to be a privilege and a gift, someone else uses to inflict misery and pain…

My running career began in the ninth grade. My family had just moved to Little Rock, Arkansas and the people of West Little Rock are a surprisingly active and “granola” bunch (at least the ones I knew). It was considered “cool” to go running or hiking or biking, just for fun! This was a very new concept that changed my perspective on cardio. My older sister, Catherine and I decided we wanted to be included in the fun fitness crew of Little Rock so we signed up for our very first 5k: The Mud Run.

By the grace of God we lived through the trauma of training for a 5k and completing it! In 2014, Catherine and I took it to the next level by completing our first half marathon! Running has been a huge part of my life since and has helped shape who I am today. I now run collegiate cross country for College of the Ozarks and I have learned countless lessons through the struggle and pain of everyone’s least favorite form of cardio.

I won’t lie, for the first two years of doing it, I hated running. So why did I stick with it? I have no idea but I am so thankful I did. I can tell you however, why I run today. I run because I love it. I run for community. I run for reflection time. I run for fun! I run for exercise. I run because it is hard. I run because it is simple. I run because I have two working legs and lungs. I run because there are people who can’t. I run to find my limits and push past them. I run to conquer. There are countless reasons to run. At the end of the day though, I run to honor my creator. I’m not the best at what I do but I work hard and strive to love others through running.

This year I have set up a challenge for myself. And I call it a “challenge” rather than a “new year’s resolution” because running is all about overcoming challenge and pushing past limits and let’s be real, no one ever completes new year’s resolutions anyway.  My challenge for the year is to run 2,018 miles. Now that really is crazy. 5.5 miles, 365 days. But what is growth without a little struggle? I am excited to tackle this and I am even more excited about participating in the Go Girl Run half marathon! 

A few Q&A with Naomi

  1. What is your favorite aspect about running?
    My favorite aspect of running is a sense of freedom. There is freedom in it because you control your body. You pick the pace, the route, the mileage. There are also few other things that free your mind of weighted thoughts and stress like a long run.
  2. How do you find time to run with being a busy college student?
    During Cross country season it’s not too difficult to find time to run since that time is built into our schedules as practice time. During the spring semester, we run less mileage and cross train. Since I’ve been having to add extra mileage to meet my year’s goal, I usually have to get up at 5AM instead of 5:30AM so I get some miles in before practice starts. I always build in time for it on the weekends too! And if I really don’t have time to run during the day, sometimes a night run is very refreshing.
  3. What is your favorite aspect about the Go Girl Run?
    I think the Go Girl Run is such a cool race because it’s important to recognize women and being a woman. Women are unique and their differences from men should be celebrated, not looked down upon. We are strong, capable and so valuable.
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