5 Ways to Celebrate Galentines Day

What is Galentine’s you ask? It’s a day to celebrate your favorite GAL-PALS! Which, is pretty awesome here at Go Girl Run because we love any reason to celebrate YOU. Check out some of our favorite ways to do just that on February 14th!

  1. Spend time with your true love… running.

    Find a weekly run at your local running store, or grab your gal-pals to get a few miles in. Nothing says I love you to yourself and friends than by staying active and healthy on this lovely day. Need some training motivation or inspiration to get you out the door? Check out our training resources here: Training

  2. Have a sweet treat without feeling guilty!

    On a day consumed by sweets and treats, take some time to enjoy a guilt-free dessert! Check out our amazing sugar-free muffins recipe here. There are also a ton of delicious sugar-free treats to find online. (Pinterest is our favorite spot to find new and healthy recipes). Grab some of your girlfriends and bake up a storm!

  3. Movie Marathons:

    26.2 miles of running is always a top goal, but we love other marathons too! That’s right- there is no better day than Valentine’s day to grab your favorite friends and pop-in a feel-good film or sitcom to keep the laughs and love rolling!

  4. Valentine Day Crafts:

    Handmade Valentines are never a lost art. Remember those grade school days by sharing the love with those around you. Mail or hand deliver Valentine’s day cards! We suggest sending encouraging words to another Go Girl Runner who is training for an upcoming race! Our Facebook Page is a great place to join Go Girl Run groups and see other runners just like you working towards their goals.

  5. With ROSE GOLD!

    Rose Gold is perfect for any Valentine’s day celebration- it’s also pretty great on your medal rack! Our 2018 medals are big, shiny and ROSE GOLD. We’re so excited for you to take one home with you. Sign up for any 2018 event and show off your new bling all year long! Check out locations here (and be sure to look at our virtual run options- so you can experience Go Girl Run anywhere and everywhere)!