5 Winter Running Tips

1. Dress Appropriately – Less is More!

You should dress like it is at least 15 degrees warmer outside than it actually is to avoid overheating. The temperature outside may be cold, however your body temperature increases as you start to sweat. You do not want to wear too many layers and get too hot in the middle of your run.

Extra winter dressing tips:

  • Sunglasses
    • Cold winter wind can be brutal on the face and eyes. Sunglasses will keep eyes from watering and the bright sun from reflecting off snow on the ground.
  • Headband or hat
    • Keep your ears and head warm!
  • Gloves
    • Frostbite is REAL! Protect your hands from winter wind when running.
  • Reflective gear
    • The amount of daylight is shorter in the winter, therefore early morning runs and evening runs tend to get darker faster. Reflective gear is important when running on or near roads.

2. Wear Proper Shoes

With more snowy, icy, and rainy days in the winter, the chances of getting your shoes wet is more likely. To avoid running in wet shoes and socks you should wear running shoes with the least amount of mesh and netting. Also, try to wear thicker, water-resistant socks.

3. Stay Ahead of the Wicked Wind!

Start your run against the wind. You will thank yourself on the way home when you are running with the wind making the last half of your run easier when you are typically more tired.

4. Get Limber!

Cold weather causes muscles to lose heat and tighten. In order to keep yourself from pulling a muscle, it is important to stretch and get your blood flowing before going outside for your run. Loosen up your muscles by performing simple exercises such as running in place,  jumping jacks, or dynamic stretching.

5. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Just because it is colder outside does NOT mean hydrating is any less important when it comes to exercising. Even in cold weather your body heats up and you will sweat causing your body to lose water. Cold weather causes dryness which leads to more dehydration so remember to hydrate well before your run or carry liquids with you on your run!