Q: How does Get Fit Work?2019-03-27T09:16:46-06:00

To check out all Get Fit info, head to http://gogirlrun.com/getfit

Q: Can I transfer my registration?2019-03-27T08:17:55-06:00

Yes! However we will not allow any race transfers to a different go girl or to another person 2 weeks within the race date.

Where can I find results and photos after the race?2018-12-03T22:43:05-06:00

Visit the city specific website or go to http://gogirlrun.com/post-race

How do I check to know if I have signed up?2018-12-03T22:40:02-06:00

Go to http://gogirlrun.com/confirm/ and type in your name to see if you are registered.

Q: I signed up for the half marathon but now want to switch to the 5K. How do I do that?2018-11-30T11:48:56-06:00

A: We cannot issue refunds, but we can get you switched. Make sure to let us know before the day of the race so we can get your registration changed to the race you will be running.

Q: I found out recently that something has come up and I cannot run the race I registered for. Can I transfer my registration to next year?2018-11-30T11:47:19-06:00

A: Yes, you can transfer your registration to  next year. Just email amanda@ultramaxsports.com and she will get you taken care of!

Q: My husband wants to run with me. Can guys run in this race?2018-11-30T11:46:47-06:00

A: Yes, men can run, but they will not be able to place. They will still get their shirt, wine glass, and finishers medal though!

Q: I want to register for the half marathon, but I am not sure that I will finish before the course closes. Will you tear everything down before I finish?2018-11-30T11:46:14-06:00

A: We do not tear down the finish line until the last participant crosses the finish line. If you are out after the time the course “closes”, make sure to stay on sidewalks and be aware of traffic crossings.

Q: Can I push my child in a stroller? Do I need to register the child as well?2018-11-30T11:45:42-06:00

A: You can push the child in a stroller and you do not need to register the child. We ask that you start towards the back of the line to be courteous to other participants.

Q: I am wanting to register my 60 year old mother but she is not able to run. Can she walk the 5K?2018-11-30T11:15:04-06:00

A: Yes, absolutely! We encourage women of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities to join us in the women’s fitness movement!